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fram1b55.jpg (25274 bytes)Multi-Media

Broad multi-media capability for easily integrating still graphics, sound and video into your courseware.

Media Types:

A. Both wide and standard width graphics.

B. Video and color photos; both Wav and Midi sound.


C. Media Controls:  Video and sound playing can be user-controlled like with a tape player.

D. Review & Return:  User can review prior course material whenever desired, and then return to current place.



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A. Single or multiple word fill-in; inset B. True or false; inset C. Multiple choice; inset D. Multiple correct answers in any order; inset E. Automatic review of correct answer if a wrong answer entered - must self-correct in order to proceed.

Either mouse or keyboard answering can be used, depending on user's preference, as shown for true/false and multiple choice.

Pricing Structure:        (all amounts shown are in U.S. dollars)

The regular price for the single-user version of The Training Engine is $495 and the basic 3-user network version is $995 with additional seats available for $200 each. However, you can qualify for a steep discount depending on how quickly you decide to purchase the fully unlocked version....

Within 15 Days Of Trial Download:

The discount available to you is greatest within 15 days of downloading the 30-day trial version, when you will be eligible for the Early Bird Special Price of just $179 per single-user copy, giving you a savings of $316 each. During the Early Bird period, the basic network version may be purchased for $395 and additional seats are $100. This discount will apply to multiple copies/seats purchased within that 15 day time frame.

16 To 30 Days After Trial Download:

$199 per single-user copy. $450 for the basic network. $115 per additional network seat.

31 To 60 Days After Trial Download:

$225 per single user copy. $595 for the basic network. $150 per additional network seat.

61 + Days After Trial Download:

No discount.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you are not completely satisfied with The Training Engine just uninstall it from your computer and email the removal code (verifies deletion) to us within 30 days of your purchase. Then we will refund your purchase price.