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At last! PC software to give you a steel-trap memory! Now on your PC, Harry Lorayne, the world's leading expert on memory training, gives you his famous series of memory and mind training courses. You quickly emerge with a trained memory, fully able to remember any name, any face, any fact, any number, anything of importance, to help you succeed. Plus he'll teach you "memory magic" - games and card tricks you'll use to entertain and amaze your friends! 

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The regular price to unlock the entire program is $149.95, but purchase your unlock code within 48 hours of initial download and your price will be just $79.95 !


  • Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP or Vista
  • 8MB RAM
  • 486 processor
  • 20MB available disk space

Please read license agreement before installation.

The download file size is about 13 megabytes and takes  about a minute to download with a broadband connection.  (If you have a dial-up connection, email us and we will send you a link for downloading a version without video that is only about 1.5 mb. and takes just 7 minutes to download on dial-up.) 

Please write down the name of the downloaded file: SETUPSMP.EXE

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After completing your download, do this:

- Windows: use Start/Find/Files or Start/Search to  locate the SETUPSMP.EXE file (unless it was downloaded to your desktop).

After you find the above file name listed, just double-click it to start installation.

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Thank you for stopping by!

We hope you enjoy Harry Lorayne's free memory lesson!

To purchase access to the complete Super Mind Power memory course, just contact us with your credit card information and the two registration codes seen when you click on the "keys" icon.  Then we'll give you an unlock code that will open up the remaining 20 memory lessons for you.

Why you should buy an unlock code now. - "How to improve my memory?" is the question urgently asked by many. The answer comes from Harry Lorayne, who has taught human memory improvement for over 40 years around the world. He teaches how to remember names and faces, remember numbers, remember appointments, remember facts, memorize speeches and presentations, how to memorize information of all types - even the memorization of card tricks and other mind games. His students of all ages are taught "flash learning" for speed reading and to memorize dates, memorize vocabulary, foreign languages, math formulas and spelling - even how to spell his name right! (It's Lorayne, though often misspelled as Lorraine, Loraine, or Lorane. Also one of his key methods is "mnemonics," not newmonics or numonics.) High schoolers gain the memory they need for SAT test preparation. College students regularly improve test scores and improve grades as a result of Lorayne's systems. He is the world's leading self help memory guru, seen worldwide in a self improvement memory infomercial. Lorayne's memory systems for personal development, including his famous Link Method and Peg Method, are now available here in educational computer software. So stop forgetting. If you are of a mature age, then conquer "senior moments," or what many fear is old age memory loss. At any age, gain the self confidence and feeling of success that comes from the brain power of total recall, of a better-than photographic memory. Why wait. Start benefiting right now. Buy an unlock code today at the Early Bird Discount price - saving you $70 - to give you access to Harry Lorayne's entire Super Mind Power course.

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