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The On-Line Survey Response Screen...

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Personalized instructions.

The question.


Customizable rating scale.

Rating selector.

Rater's comment.


Easy navigation.


Solves Common Problems...

· 360 degree employee performance surveys are usually difficult and expensive to implement, but Survey/360 makes them easy and inexpensive.

· 360 software often puts the user in a straightjacket, allowing only narrow capabilities for creating your own questions and rating scales, and little or no job-specific sample text to use and adapt to your own questionnaires. But, Survey/360 allows great flexibility and provides a job-specific library of sample questionnaire text.

· Security and confidentiality issues are often dealt with inadequately, but Survey/360 provides a robust multi-level password security system, and all response data is encrypted for confidentiality.

Powerful editing tools enable quick creation of reusable questionnaires using both standard and original text...

· Multiple rating scales available - performance, frequency, or make your own.

· Weighted scoring available for each question, to reflect the varying importance of the topics being rated.

Questionnaires can be printed on demand or accessed on line.

· Access and confidentiality are tightly controlled by a multi-level password security system.

· Both annual ("full") and periodic ("mini") surveys can be easily filled out on line...

Measurement of Results...

· individual 360 degree assessment report

· performance appraisal on demand

· ranked ratings by employee group

Why Survey/360 Is Your Best Choice...

· Easy to setup and use

· Affordable and adaptable for any size organization

· Powerful tools and text library for creating customized job-specific questionnaires

· Multi-level password security system

· Superb technical support with direct access to the software designers

· Automatic reminder system for users via email; can send & retrieve surveys via email

· Supports both "full" and "mini" surveys

· Supports multiple simultaneous rating systems with weighted Olympic scoring

Change Rating Scale For Each Question, As Needed...










Many Reports And Graphs Available...

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Where Used

Designed for use by all types of organizations, a typical user is a large hospital in Texas with over 1400 employees.  They reported excellent participation by their staff and positive reactions by ratees to their survey results.  

Pricing Structure:       
(all amounts shown are in U.S. dollars and include 1st year tech support and software updates)

The regular price for the single-user version of Survey/360 is $595.  The regular network pricing is as follows:

Basic 5-user network: $1,995   -  additional concurrent user rights available at $350 each.

(Compatible with Windows® Vista, XP and 2000. Large networks require purchase of Advantage Database Server® client/server database engine.)

Subsequent Years Updates And Tech Support

30% of first year license fee.

Money-back Guarantee (single user version only):

If you are not completely satisfied with the Survey/360 single user version, just phone us for a return authorization code, uninstall it from your computer and return the product to us within 30 days of your purchase. Then we will refund your purchase price.