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Best of the Planet Awards
Best of the Planet Awards 1998




Buy your car on the Internet
Edmund's Auto Guides
The Goodyear Tire Rubber Company
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Air Combat Simulator Software (with source code!)
Aircraft Owners & Pilots Assn. - AOPA
Air Force Rescue & Coord Center
Airline Simulator Flights
Aviation Enthusiast corner
Aviation Weather Page
Aviation Week & Space Technology On-line
Better Flight Instruction For Less (booklet)
Civil Air Patrol Nat'l HQ
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Era Helicopters Western U.S.
EAA - Experimental Aircraft Assn.
FAA - Federal Air Regulation 61 (pilot requirements)
FAA - Federal Aviation Admin.
Fear of Flying - How To Overcome It
Flight Attendant Careers
Flight Attendant Jobs Info
Flight School - California
Flight School - Florida
Flight School - Georgia
Flight School - Illinois
Flight School - Texas
Flight School - Wisconsin
Flight Simulation
Hang Gliding, Para-Gliding & Ultralights
Hang Gliding & Para-Gliding FAQ
Landings - General Aviation Info
National Test Pilot School
NTSB - Nat'l Transportation Safety Board
Landings: Rotary Wing Aviation Links
Popular Rotorcraft Assn Home Page
SARSAT Rescue Satellite Data - NCOAA
Spartan School of Aeronautics
Windsong Services, Inc. - weather
World Aviation Directory
World Balloon Fiesta Rides
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A Business Researcher's Interests (TM)
A Salvage Directory: SALVAGE.COM
ABI Business Profiles
All-in-One Search Page
Bodyguards & Personal Security Directory
British Columbia Business Connections
Carico Real Estate Company, Inc.
CCS Int'l Security Devices
DMK Corporate Services
Hollywood Mall - for actors & movie moguls
How to get Japanese money
The speech writer's prime resource for quotations and anecdotes
Internet Marketing
PC411 Online Directory Assistance Service
A reverse phone directory service
CardWeb - credit card info
SBA: Small Business Administration Home Page
Serra International - Customs Brokage & Freight Forwarding
Serra International's Import-Export Directory
Shadow Trackers Investigative Services
Switchboard - phone directory service
The Department of the Treasury: IRS
Tax forms and info
The Netcheck Commerce Bureau
The Universal Currency Converter(tm)
U.S. Business Advisor
Web Price Index
The World Bank Home Page
Thomas Register Home Page
THOR+: The Virtual Reference Desk
U.S. Tax Code On-Line
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Computers & Software

Apple Computer
ASP Home Page
Boutell Internet Software
Bootcamp with Fred Fishkin
of WCBS Radio 88 New York
Boulder Community Network
Internet training on-line for senior citizens
CE Software Home Page
Cisco Systems
Compaq Computer Corporation
CompuServe's Web
Cray Research
Dell Computer Home Page
Digital Equipment Corp.
EdiSys Software
FREE Memory Training Software
Funk Software's Home Page
Golden Software, Inc.

Transfer interrupted!

IBM Corporation
IBM Personal Computers Home Page
IBM Software
The Iconovex Corporation
Internet Request For Comments (RFC)
InterNIC Internet Domain Name Registration
Kaplan Educational Software
Leadership Software Corp.
Learning Company
Maxis, Inc.
McAfee Home Page
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Corporation Product Support
Packard Bell
Silicon Graphics
Software Superstore!
Sun Microsystems
O'Reilly WebSite
On-line Asset Brokerage
Web Price Index
WebReview.com - for webmasters
Winfiles.com - shareware library
Zenith Data Systems
Zoo Software Solutions
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Dr. Webster's Amazing Free Stuff Page: free services, free info
Free-n-Cool's Win Stuff: Expiring Soon
L'Aprina Contest Page 2
ONSALE - Auctions of Computers and Electronics
TechStakes™ Sweepstakes
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Cooking & Recipes

FatFree - Low Fat Vegetarian Recipes
Food For Thought Software
"Now You're Cooking" recipe software + great links
Gemini & Leo's Recipe Links Page
The Kitchen Link
A wealth of recipes and cooking tips
Lobster Direct Home Page
FREE download: Meal Master (tm) recipe software
New Century Nutrition - Recipes
Oprah's Recipe Collection
Recipe Archive Index
Recipes Online!
Susan's Page
Vegetarian Central - recipes
Vegetarian Society (UK) - recipes
Vegetarian Times
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Dream Makers

A Guide to the Great Sioux Nation
Buckskin Fur and Leather Co.
Home Power Magazine, the hands-on journal of home-made power.
International Tiger Information Center
Joseph Wu's Origami Page
K. A. Smith's Home Page
Mother Nature's General Store
NativeWeb Home Page
Poetic Express
Turned Wood Designs
Woods of the World
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Listings with an asterisk (*) were mentioned in an article on the AARP website in March, 1999 as being the top 6 American employment websites.
4 Work
America's Job Bank*
Best Jobs USA
Career Builder
Career City
Career Mosaic*
Careers Online
CareerWeb (includes int'l)
College Grad.com
Hot Jobs
IEEE Employment
Job Bank
Job Web
MeSearch America
Monster Board*
Nation Job Network
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Generation X

(Art) Laboratory
Biorhythm Generator
Casting Calls
Complete Conditioning
The Dilbert Zone
Environmental Products & Services, Inc.
EXPO Ticket Office
The Fish Place
Kate Bush Musical Extravaganza
Match.Com - on-line matchmaker, dating, etc.
Political Campaigns - Stardot.com
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Syracuse U Computer Graphics for the Arts
the Ultimate Band List
Underground Music Archive
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Mega gophers
World Gophers
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Government (USA)

American Memory from the Library of Congress
Central Intelligence Agency Home Page
CIA Reference Publications & World Factbook
Congressional Quarterly's VoteWatch
Federal Bureau of Investigation - Home Page
FedWorld Home Page
IRS Tax Forms & Info
Law Enforement Sites On The Web
Library of Congress Home Page
Library of Congress gopher
National Journal Cloak Room
for political movers and shakers only
Nuke: Nuclear Energy Links
Political Campaigns - Stardot.com
Quadrennial Defense Review Table of Contents
The National Park Service
THOMAS: Legislative Info
Time - U.S. Naval Ovservatory Master Clock
Welcome to the White House
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Archaeology Magazine
Computer Life
Excellent Parent Magazine
HotWired! - from Wired Magazine
Pathfinder: Magazines
PC Magazine on the WEB
Visual Developer
Publishers' Catalogues Home Page
ScienceDaily Magazine
Scientific American
STRANGE Magazine
Time Warner Publications
Ziff Davis Publications
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Marine & Yachting

@queous - of, like, or containing water
ABS Marine Consultants
By-The-Sea: The On-Line Journal For Boats & Boating
Cape Cod Scale Model Watercraft
The Captain's Maritime Links
Date and Time Gateway
Directorate of Time
FNMOC's Wave Model
Images of Ships and Shipmodels
International Marine Signal Flags
Internet Waterway: fishing, boating, water sports.
Just Yachts Brokerage and Sales Web Site
Knots on the Web (Peter Suber)
KORAB Marine Links Collection
Marine Electrical Check List
Marine Environment Unit Home Page
Marine Electrical Systems Seminar
MariNet - Marine Technology Online
Maritime History on the Internet
Maritime Information Systems Homepage
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Maritime Radio Page
Merchant Marine And Maritime Pages
NAVCEN - U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center
Nautical World
Nobeltec Corporation
Marine software for Win '95-98
NSnet Home Page
Oceania -- The Atlantis Project
Ocean Marine Brokerage Services
OceanWide The Marine Shipping and Services Network
Old Salt's Sailing Page
Page d'index
Dictionary of Nautical terms
Protected Marine Species: Page by Wesley R. Elsberry
Search Maritime Resources
SelectSite Ocean Technology
Serra International - Customs Broker & Freight Forwarder - Home
Shipweb - for Shipping, Freight and the Maritime Industry
The Floating Drydock
The Information Seaway
The Marina on the Net
The Marine Art Information Center
The Maritime History Virtual Archives
The Resource for Maritime Law
The Starlink DGPS Pages
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Whale-Watching Web
U-boat Net - The U-boat War 1939-1945
United States Coast Guard
Welcome To The Museum Professional
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Worldwide Treasure Links
WWW Tide/Current Predictor - Site Selection
Yachting Net
Yachtlink Home Page
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American Association of Retired People (AARP)
Austin Nutritional Research
Autobiog. of Nelson Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom
Free Catalogs from CatalogLink
Full-Text Archives of Publications of Scholarly Societies
Hamster Dance
Mindlessness turned into an art form
The Home Builder's Utopia
The Incredible Electric Calculator Company
The guys who brought you the "... For Dummies" books
Metro West Images (photos)
Prince of Wales Home Page & Forum
Prince Charles has his say
Poultry Page
The Red Cross
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Movies, TV, Theater & Music

Broadway League Theater Info
Carnegie Hall
Internet Movie Database
Lincoln Center
Madison Square garden
Movie Database - SEARCH
NYC Playbill Theater Guide
Roger Ebert on Movies - Reviews
Sony Music Canada
Star Wars Trilogy
The Metropolitan Opera of New York
Tele-Charge Theater Tickets
Ticketron Event Tickets
TV Guide
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Museums, Libraries & Zoos

American Museum of Natural History
Art, History, Culture and Science Museums
Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Bronx Zoo
Guggenheim Museum
Libweb - Libraries on the Web
The Louvre
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Museum of Modern Art, New York
National Gallery of Art
New York Public Library
Whitney Museum of American Art
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Associated Press News Wire Service
CCS Int'l Spy News
HERALDlink: NewsLibrary
Houston Chronicle Online
ITN Front Page - Britain
KimSoft Spy Links
comprehensive intelligence/counterintelligence info
Los Angeles Times Online
Mario's Cyberspace Station
National News
National Public Radio
News Directory.com
News Hour with Jim Lehrer
Newspapers of the World
New York Times
NewsEdge Personalized NewsPage
Reuters News Wire Service
Right Winger: Jim Quinn
San Francisco Examiner
Spy News
right from the spies hotbed of Croatia
The Earth Times
The Reporters Network
Tribune (Casper, Wyoming)
USA Today
Wall Street Journal
Top EPPi Award winning on-line newspaper
World News
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New York, New York!

And these are just a few highlights!...

American Museum of Natural History
Broadway League Theater Info
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Bronx Zoo
Carnegie Hall
Circle Line (river tours)
CityInsights - New York
Empire State Building
Guggenheim Museum
Lincoln Center
Madison Square Garden
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
The Metropolitan Opera of New York
Metropolitan Transit Authority - schedules, etc.
Museum of Modern Art, New York
NYC Playbill Theater Guide
New York Giants
New York Knicks
New York Mets
New York Public Library
New York Yankees
South Street Seaport
Statue of Liberty
Tele-Charge Theater Tickets
Ticketron Event Tickets
United Nations
UN Tours
Scroll way down this long page to "Group Tours" section.
U.S.S. Intrepid Aircraft Carrier
Whitney Museum of American Art
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Excellent Parent Magazine
Parent Soup
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Personal Development

ABCs of Personal Growth - Help-Self Improvement; Phone Counseling
Absolute Speed Reading with Power Reading
- just $25 and 30 days makes you a power speed reader
Acal Personal Achievement Software
- to manage stress, get rid of addictions, plus wellness tools.
AceReader (Speed Reading Software)
Confidence Coaching
- Build your confidence and self esteem with the confidence coach, Martin Perry
InnerNet - self discovery
The Magic Lamp - Goalsetting Training
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
- how to program yourself for success!
Optimal Thinking from the Academy of Personal Development
- global achievers community with seminars, books, consulting, optimal e-cards
Performance Learning Strategies
- on-line workshops to improve reading, writing and thinking.
Quantum Heart
- personal growth, meditation, ritual and the New Age.
Self-Help & Psychology Magazine Online
Self Improvement Online
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Pet Lovers

The American Kennel Club Online
Bird Breeder On-Line
Birds n Ways
Cat Fancy
Cats Magazine
Dog World Online
Dream Horse
Equi Search
Fish Link Central
Freshwater & Marine Aquarium
Healthy Pet
Horse Exchange
The Horse Group
- love horses? Go here!
The Horse Interactive
Pet Bird
Petview Magazine Online
Vet Search
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Publicity & Advertising

A-1 WebSite Promotions
Autoresponder Service: My-Desk.com
The Galaxy Mall
ThinkInc I'net Advertising
Scientific Equipment Exchange, Inc.
Submit URL
WebStep Top 100 Free Listings
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Recovery & Self Help Support

AA Info - Eastern Massachusetts
Alcoholics Anonymous
EAWC Anthology: The Bhagavad Gita
HandiLinks To Alcohol Information & Treatment Centers
Hazelden - Press Releases
Online AA Resources
Online Recovery Resources (Non-AA)
Pleasant Ministries
SavvySearch results for "Alcoholism"
Self Realization Fellowship Home page
Spiritual Guidance - Religions of the World
Starting Point: Net Resources
Sunlight of the Spirit
The Philosopher's Stone
The Willows - Treatment Program for Chemical Dependency
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About New England Wood Carvers
Alaska Outdoor Journal
ARRLWeb: How to Get Started in Amateur Radio
Bass Fishing Home Page
The Fishing Network
Fisher's Net Links, "Your Internet Fishing Resource"
KOA homepage
Outdoors Network - Hunting, Fishing and FlyFishing
The Brenda Chalifoux-Luscombe Collection, The Woodworks Gallery
The Hole OUTDOORS Club
The Sport Fishing Website
The Virtual Vegas Home Page
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        This list is far from comprehensive, but we keep adding to it as we find sites.  Our only criteria for inclusion on this list is that the religion must have been founded prior to 1950 and that we prefer to link to headquarters sites rather than to particular congregations ...

Bible Believers (Baptist)
The Catholic Community Forum (Roman Catholic)
The Christian Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt
The Christian Science Church
Christianity Online Magazine
Discover Islam
The Episcopal Church
Gospel Communications Network
Hindu Universe Resource Center
Judaism 101
The Liberal Catholic Church
The Lutheran Church
The Mormon Church
The Presbyterian Church
Tibetan Buddhism
United Methodist Church
United Church of Religious Science
Zen Buddhism
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Aboriginal (Native American) Star Knowledge: Menu
American Museum of Natural History - Research
Ape-man: First Entire Skull & Skeleton Found
Astronomy With Sergio Pauli
AstroWeb: Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet (1)
AstroWeb: Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet (2)
Bermuda Biological Station for Research
Bioinformatics Centre - Research
Bioinformatics Databases
Earth Viewer
EROS home page
Hubble Space Telescope Greatest Hits 1990-1995 Gallery
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
NASA Information Services
Nat'l Center for Atmopheric Research
NOAA Nat'l Oceans & Atmospheric Admin
Poisons Information Database (Singapore)
ScienceDaily Magazine
Scientific American
Solar System Live
So. Cal. Earthquake Center Data
Space Telescope Electronic Information Service
StarChild: A learning center for young astronomers
Time: U.S. Naval Observatory Master Clock
U of Cal Museum of Paleontology
U of Nevada, Reno - Seismological Laboratory
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
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Searching the Web

A Guide To Using Search Engines
Address & Phone Directory: 555-1212.com
Arab Internet Directory: 1001sites.com
A Business Researcher's Interests (@brint.com)
Australia/New Zealand Search (Microplex)
Alta Vista
Awesome Lists (makulow@trainer.com)
Copernic Multi-search Software
Cyber411 - Simultaneous Multi Engine Search!
Gerald Smith's Bookmarks
GoTo Search Select
HandiLinks Information
Infoseek Guide
InfoSeek Net Search
Lycos Search Select
Mindspring Sprynet
My Virtual Reference Desk
Nerd World Media Internet Subject Index
Netscape Search Engine
Search Engines -- Beaucoup!
Search Magellan
Search Engine Selector
Starting Point
TetraNet Software - LinkBot
IntRAnet Tools & Resources from Open Text
Tile.Net - Lists
Tile.Net - Main Menu
WebCrawler Searching
What's New Too!
What-U-Seek (c) 1996 - Search
XMission Links
Yellow Pages
Your WebScout
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Branch Mall
Coupon Central
Electronic Newsstand Homepage
Free Catalogs from CatalogLink
The Galaxy Mall
HomeStyles Welcome Page
The Human Factor Stores - Exchange
JCPenney Home Page
Powell's Technical Books
Recreational Guns FAQ
RoboShopper - comparative pricing
Solomon's Bargain Center, Inc.
The Multimedia Newsstand
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Skiing & Snowboarding

AMI On-The-Snow
Board Zone - Snowboards & Accessories
Performance Snowboarding
Ski Central
Ski Tours
Snowboarding On-Line
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CNN Sports Illustrated
Complete Conditioning
ESPNET SportsZone
Fishing & Hunting News Online v1.00
Golf Digest GolfWeb
Jim Powlesland's Hunting Page
New York Giants
New York Knicks
New York Mets
New York Yankees
Saltwater Fishing Home Page
Serious Sports - the big outdoors
Sporting Adventures - Fishing Hunting and Outdoors
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Trains & Railroading

Amtrak gets you there
Iron Horse Enterprises - Chessie 614
Model Railroading
Northlandz Model Trains Park
Railroad-related Links Directory
Steamtown, PA
Tourist Trains
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Travel & Maps

Adventurous Traveler Bookstore
Airline Information On-line FAQ
Airline Information - Specific Airlines
Airline Tickets - TheTrip.com
Alaska Tourist Information Home Page
American Society of Travel Agents
Amtrak gets you there
Asia Region Travel Info
Bed-n-Breakfasts Directory
Carnival Cruise Lines
Centers for Disease Control Travel Information
Diseases and Alerts with Map
CityInsights - major US cities tourist info
Classical Atlas Project
Deep Sea Voyages
Discount Air Travel
Disney Home Page
Disney World
Door to Door Directions
Emerging Horizons
travel reviews
Fareline - Int'l Airline Discounts
Fodor's Travel Online
Group Source Travel
Genealogical Maps - The Gold Bug
GPS Manufacturers
How far is it?
Lighthouse Getaway
Linx Africa - S. Africa Tourist Info
Lonely Planet Online
MapQuest! Welcome!
Maps and References
The National Park Service - Campground Reservations
The National Park Service - Parks Directory
New York City Visitor's Guide
New York Theater Tickets: Tele-Charge
Passport Service - U.S. State Dept.
Name your own price for airline tickets, etc.
Sea World
Serra International - Customs Broker & Freight Forwarder
Society for Advancement of Travel for Handicapped
Starting Point
St. Louis On-Line Gateway
Surveying Software
Terrorism Research Center: Links
The Travel Company
The Universal Currency Converter(tm)
The Yakima Valley Home Page
Tropical Weather
Charts and graphics
Welcome to Bali
World Health Organization WWW Home Page
Xerox PARC Map Viewer: world 0.00N 0.00E (1.0X)
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UFOs and Paranormal

Art Bell (radio host)
The Black Vault
Comprehensive List Of UFO Related Websites
STRANGE Magazine
The X-Files Official Home Page
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Weather Central!

Agriculture Online Weather
Atlantic Tropical Weather Center
Bermuda Weather
The Caribbean Hurricane Page
EarthWatch Communications, Inc.
EarthWatch Weather On Demand-Tropical Weather
Eye on the World - Violent Planet
Global and Hemispheric Maps
Intellicast: USA Weather
My Virtual Reference Desk - My Weather Sites
Nat'l Center for Atmopheric Research
Space Science Engineering Center
Real time data
Tallahassee Nat'l Weather Service
Tropical Storms Worldwide
University of Hawaii Meteorology
U of Illinois Dept of Atmospheric Science
Current weather
Weather Underground: Tropical Weather Products
Charts & graphics
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Baleen Whales
Beluga Whales
Finback Whales
Humpback Whales
Killer Whales
SeaWorld Teacher's Guides
The Whale Club - Especially For Kids
Why Whales Strand: The Seaquake Theory!
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Whale-Watching Web
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WebSite Development

A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Creating WWW Documents - FAQ
Developer's JumpStation
Includes links to free .GIF libraries
DataDynamics - Active-X tools
DNS Lookup Service
Emailing Software: Avalanche from CyberCreek
Email Lists made Easy - by Topica
HTML: Hypertext Markup Language
ISP & Hosting Services Directory
Comprehensive but NOT alphabetized by city.  Be sure to press "list more" button after selecting a geographic area.
InterMail Post.Office Email Software
Lyris Email List Servers
Net Discussion & Info Lists (listserv)
Net Mechanic - tune up your site
Revnet Email Software
Search Engines: How to get high ranking
W3C's HTML Home Page
Web Site Garage
World Wide Web FAQ
The WWW Consortium - FAQ
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