How QualityCoach/360 Works to Improve Employee Performance... and Increases Job Satisfaction, Too

Start by outlining a performance plan.
Building on your employees' job descriptions - or referring to QualityCoach/360's built-in library of over 350 job performance plans - you enter each team member's name, job purpose, and specific performance expectations. Goals may be job- or project- specific, or general (i.e. "provide support as needed to...") You can co-author the plan with the employee, or prepare the plan and then review it with the employee so he/she knows exactly what is expected.
Link the plan to specific projects.
QualityCoach/360 allows you to enter project-specific tasks and deadlines into the performance plan, and then alerts you to due dates as they occur, so you can track any number of employees and projects with surprising ease.
Encourage feedback from other team members.
The 360-degree feedback feature is one of QualityCoach/360's most valuable assets. Unlike traditional top-down appraisals, in which the supervisor alone rates the employee's performance, QualityCoach/360 allows input from as many other team members as desired, giving both employee and employer a broader and extremely useful perspective on both job performance and interpersonal skills.
Monitor progress and track projects.
QualityCoach/360 regularly prompts the supervisor-as-coach to observe and rate each team member's performance - referring back to project goals and deadlines wherever they apply - and maintains a continuously-updated record of observations, feedback and ratings. 360 degree co- appraisers' observations are recorded in the same way.
Pinpoint problems and praise accomplishments.
On demand, QualityCoach/360 will print and automatically score a review, allowing the supervisor to identify potential trouble areas and promptly recognize achievements. Employees who receive continuous feedback - even when it's critical - perform better and report greater satisfaction with their jobs.
Review results and update the plan.
Using the QualityCoach/360 report as the basis for further planning, supervisor and employee can agree together in a non-confrontational way on new goals and, if appropriate, new responsibilities. Performance reviews carry fewer surprises and employees leave them feeling their treatment has been fair.
A valuable human resources and legal tool...
When problems do arise, QualityCoach/360 provides clear documentation of the supervisor's good-faith attempts to solve them...a valuable tool where a disagreement cannot be resolved amicably and a disgruntled employee may attempt to pursue an unjustified claim.

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