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sailing2.jpg Get the power and effectiveness of coaching your people for continous quality improvement and 360 degree performance assessment, quickly and easily! The crew of a hard driving racing yacht has a lot in common with the high achieving teams in law enforecement and other organizations. They know exactly what is expected of them, and they are continuously coached to perform at their best. Get the same results with your people. Now you can for just $495 - 17% off the regular $595 single-user price, and at just a fraction of the cost of other performance management software. But only before this introductory special expires.


If you’re not yet using an ongoing coaching program with 360 degree assesssments to magnify your team's effectiveness, now is your chance to climb on board with no risk! Just download the free demo now to see what ActionLog can do for you.  Then, with a money-back guarantee, you can now easily gain the phenomenal benefits of ActionLog at this low introductory price of just $495 (+ $8 shipping & handling and applicable sales tax) - but for a limited time only!

Main ActionLog Features

The basic concept of ActionLog is a 3-phase process:

1. EXPECTATIONS - The coach and each team member agree up front on what performance is expected and how it will be measured by collaborating in the creation of a performance plan in ActionLog.

2. OBSERVATIONS - Coach and assigned raters periodically observe performance, give timely feedback, and enter their performance comments and ratings in the Coaching Journal - an exclusive ActionLog feature.

3. RESULTS - An automated Performance Appraisal, compiled from the performance plan and Coaching Journal 360 degree performance assessment is available on demand. Other reports include a 360 Degree Assessment Report, Quantitative Performance Report, Time Use Analysis, etc.

ActionLog Benefits

Create and administer performance plans with ease.With ActionLog, you easily create performance plans so employees clearly understand what is expected of them up front and how their performance will be rated. No special computer expertise required - if you can work with word processing software, you can handle ActionLog. And, you can quickly convert job descriptions you already have in word processing files to ActionLog. In addition, ActionLog comes with a library of over 350 sample performance plans from which you can adapt your own.

Automated weighted scoring. Each performance plan element can be individually weighted so more important job requirements score higher.

Automatic reminders. The coach is automatically reminded of when performance observations should be made and when the performance appraisal is due.

Easy on-line access - raters can easily enter performance comments and ratings on-line, soon after they observe performance and give team members feedback.  Password security and response encryption keeps these entries confidential.

Low cost network version. When you’re ready, for less than $2000, you can get ActionLog's network program for five seats.   More user rights available at low additional cost.

360 degree effectiveness, proven worldwide. Performance management has been revolutionized by the concepts of 360 degree performance assessment, because of the greater objectivity of multi-rater assessments. You get it all with ActionLog. It really works!

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you purchase the single user version, and then are not satisfied with this product, just remove it from your computer and return it to us within 30 days for a full refund (network installations not eligible for refund). Compare ActionLog features and benefits to any other 360 product on the market, and you'll wonder why they cost thousands more. Includes one year of free tech support by phone or the Internet. Now, at last, ActionLog brings the power of 360 assessments within the grasp of those who could never afford it before.

Order ActionLog today and save! Don’t miss out. The sooner you buy, the less it costs. Phone us right away at 1-800-872-0068. This special offer only valid for orders prepaid by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Amex), company check or money order. To fax your order: include your name, shipping address, phone #, product name, price (include. S&H, plus tax if in NY), credit card #, name on card and expiration. To buy now, just click on this link to the "Buy Software" button below.

For more information about ActionLog features or our pricing structure, click on either button below.  Or, to proceed directly to a FREE download of the PowerPoint demo of ActionLog, just scroll down to the "Demo Download" section. (Note: this demo requires that you have the Microsoft PowerPoint program on your computer to run the demo.)


Demo Download
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The regular price for the single-user version is $595, but purchase it within 15 days of demo download and your price will be just $495 !


  • Windows 3.x, 95, 98, 2000, NT
  • 8MB RAM
  • 486 processor minimum
  • 10.5 MB available disk space

Please read license agreement before installation.

Approximate download time with a cable or DSL connection is 1 minute. Write down the name of the downloaded file: ActLgPrs.ppt

If you get a "Trojan Virus" warning from McAfee, it's due to a mistake in an older version of McAfee.  Click here for more info.

After completing your download, launch PowerPoint and open the ActLgPrs.ppt file from within your download directory (folder).

If you have difficulty finding the file on your computer, then use Start/Search to find it.

Any questions? Email us at:

   To buy a single user version, just click this button.  

Thank you for stopping by!

Lead the way to better performance with ActionLog!

To purchase a single user version of ActionLog with your credit card, just click on "Buy software."  Or you can phone us within the USA at 1-800-872-0068. From outside the USA, call us at 845-358-0406.  Remember, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. To purchase a network version, please phone us. Our customer service office is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern time.

Why you should buy now. - As you can see from our price schedule, you will get a substantial discount if you buy within 15 days of downloading the demo. So start benefiting right now. Buy today at the Early Bird Discount price - saving you $100 - to give you the power of ActionLog.

"Trojan Virus" alert - If you get this alert from McAfee VirusScan while downloading, it is because you are using an obsolete set of McAfee .DAT files.  That obsolete set of .DAT files had an error that triggered the "Trojan Virus" alert by mistake.   If you download and install the current version of the McAfee .DAT files from and use their current version scanning software, this problem disappears.  A "Trojan" is not necessarily a virus - it is any .EXE program that contains another .EXE program (which might be a virus).  Self installing programs like SETUP.EXE consist of an installation program that contains the application program, which is not a virus.  The problem with McAfee's obsolete .DAT file was that it didn't check the contained .EXE file to see if it actually was a virus before setting off the alert.

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